Slurry king

Science & Trial Data

Scientifically proven through independent trials

Independent trials at home and abroad have proved the effectiveness of SlurryKing products.  Conducted by ADAS, the Meat & Livestock Commission (MLC), Bayer Germany, SART (Spain) and Silsoe (UK), the trials found:

  • Total nitrogen increased by up to 33%
  • Ammonia-Nitrogen increased by 57% 
  • Odour production reduced by up to 55%
  • Solids reduced by 24%

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                Sart Trial Kingsway
                Independent Dairy Specialists Livestock
                and Meat Commission Sills
                Research Institute

The Science of Bacteria

The SlurryKing products apply the concept of bacterial augmentation.  We introduce carefully selected naturally occurring bacteria, microbial cultures, enzymes and other biochemical ingredients that are known to degrade compounds that are ordinarily difficult to biodegrade.  The SlurryKing organisms work with the bacteria already present in the waste products to promote a better and faster biological oxidation without generating any dangerous by-products.  The idea is not to replace the existing bacteria, but to add to them to improve their efficiency.

Reducing Odour

SlurryKing reduces the odour of slurry through a twin scientific process.  Firstly, the SlurryKing bacteria work to break up the floor solids of the slurry which house methane-producing anaerobic bacteria: the bacteria are eliminated by destroying their environment.  Secondly, the enzymatic action of the bacteria works to destroy some of the odour-causing compounds and change the molecular structure of others into non-offensive compounds.  This twin action dramatically reduces the odour of the slurry.  SlurryKing is totally different from conventional odour supressing chemicals, in that it functions directly on the source of the odour by enzymatically changing the molecular structure of the odour-causing compounds. 

Ready For Use

Each product is a "cocktail" of different strains of bacteria which are freeze dried onto bran or other suitable carriers.  The bacteria are activated by mixing the product with luke-warm water and introducing into the waste stream.

Certified as organic

SlurryKing has been approved by The Organic Association for use on organic farms.