My only regret is that I didn’t use it 10 years earlier

Rob Price

Green Farm, Lower Knightley

Dairy farmer - 90 Friesian Holstein

What prompted you to use Epizym?

The crust on our 390,000 gallon store was causing us a problem. It was taking a lot of time to break up, about 2-3 days to stir up and make a consistent mix before we could pump it out. We’d tried several mechanical solutions, including a paddle in the bottom of the store itself as well as jetters. The diesel bills were horrendous. But it would dry out quickly – we couldn’t control it. At its worst the crust was eight feet thick – half the depth of the store itself. I knew the next step would have been a Hi Mack high reach digger but we couldn’t face the expense of hiring that and the additional diesel to run it.

My farm worker went on the internet and found Epizym’s website. He gave me the phone number and I got in touch.  

What happened next?

Epizym  explained the product and how long it would take to work. I ordered some, followed the instructions which I found very simple. Within about a month I could see it was eating away on the rear side of the slurry store. We agitated it then to ensure it had circulated throughout, left it some weeks longer and then emptied half the store after first cut silage. There was a marked difference. Three quarters of the crust had gone in that time

How much money have you saved?

I used to use two tractors and two jetters for the job. As it’s taking no time now to agitate and mix I’m saving at least £300 on diesel a year. I save approximately £31 an acre on bagged fertiliser as I need less of it now the slurry is treated and the organic fertiliser value is boosted by the Epizym. Man hours spent on slurry management are reduced to minimal. It used to take one man three days to mix the slurry to make it consistent and then two to three days to empty the tank. That’s all saved now.

What other benefits have you noticed?

I noticed that when I opened the slurry tanker that I no longer get the top froth like before. This meant that the tank would go out full each time. Again, making the process more time efficient and hassle free.

It’s also positive for the environment that I’m not using as much diesel.

Would you recommend Epizym products to other farmers?

Yes and I have done to one of my neighbours who’s going to give it a try. Fair enough, we were sceptical at first as to whether this additive could make a difference and solve our slurry problem, but as soon as I saw the effect it was having I was amazed. My only regret is I didn’t start using it 10 years sooner.

Rob Price’s Annual Savings

Saving on diesel £300
Saving on bought in fertisliser (based on 120 acres with cattle) £3,800
Saving on labour costs £200
LESS cost of Epizym - £200
TOTAL saving £4,100

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