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Instructions for using SlurryKing
® and SlurryKing® GOLD


Initial Dose: Dosing can be based on a per cow basis or on the total expected volume at time of emptying:

EITHER: treat every 30 Livestock units with 2kg of reactivated product.

OR: treat every 240,000 litres of expected FINAL slurry volume (50,000 gallons) with 2Kg of reactivated product. See dosing guide tables for more details.

These products are reactivated by mixing with hand-warm water 20-35ºC (Hot water can kill the microbes) in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Mix 2kg of the powder into approximately 10 litres of hand warm water and leave for a minimum of 45 minutes.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT MIX these products with water hotter than body temperature (37ºC) or with disinfectants as both may kill the micro-organisms.

2. Stir occasionally.

3. Stir again prior to adding to the liquid layer of your slurry lagoon or through the slatted floor or directly into the tanks (whichever is appropriate to your system). The mixture should be added over as large an area as practical. DO NOT ADD to the crust or solid layer in the bottom of the tank.

NOTE: It takes at least 6-8 weeks for changes to become apparent. Early use is crucial to maximise the benefits.

After 3 months from the initial dose, a maintenance dose of half the initial dose should be applied. Tanks that have been partially emptied, even by 25% must always be re-treated.

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