Slurry king

Slurry treatment using an advanced microbial slurry additive

® GOLD  
Sylgen's advanced microbial technology transforms toxic farm slurry into an aerobic liquid compost, captures valuable plant nutrients, saves slurry management and fertiliser costs, reduces its environmental impact and restores soil health and fertility for more sustainable food production.


  • Reduces fertiliser needs - a huge saving with these rapidly escalating costs

  • Eliminates or reduces crusting and sedimentation (depending on how early it is added)

  • Reduces odour and flies

  • Reduces the BOD (ie reduces the toxic effect of sucking oxygen from soil and water) as the microbes digest and compost the slurry

  • Liquefies and homogenises the slurry, making spreading and grass management in particular much simpler

  • Has a direct impact on soil and plant health reducing pests and diseases and improving root development and mineral transport within plants.

Dosing and management is exactly the same as for SlurryKing.

SOME of the benefits of SlurryKing in just 60 seconds


SlurryKing - saving you money by managing your slurry

With escalating costs of fertiliser the savings you can make by using SlurryKing or SlurryKing GOLD are substantial

  • Save money – on fertiliser. Nitrogen is conserved (due to reduced ammonia emissions) and significant increases in plant nurtient utilisation
  • Save time – easier slurry management
  • Reduce odour and flies – naturally and organically
  • Scientifically proven – unbeaten on scientific trials
  • Best value – 25-50% cheaper than competitor products
  • Easy to use – just mix in luke-warm water, stir and apply

Scientifically proven

Odour emissions 53%
Amoniacal nitrogen 57%
Fertilizer value 50%

Recommended by farmers

My only regret is that I didn’t use it 10 years earlier

Rob Price, 
Green Farm, Lower Knightley

Dairy farmer - 90 Friesian Holstein

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