Slurry king


SlurryKing and SlurryKing GOLD both use naturally occurring bacteria to improve slurry management and boost profits.

Fertiliser prices are a little different now and the economics of using these products leaves no room at all for doubt.  It's possible to save between 30% and even 50% on fertiliser use if used at the beginning of the season and lagoons aren't left without treament for too long.

The History of SlurryKing

SlurryKing technology is the result of over 30 years of research and development by pioneering microbiologist Dr Howard E Worne, who was internationally recognised for his contributions to environmental science and biotechnology. He successfully isolated naturally occurring bacteria which, when applied in specifically prepared groups and measured amounts, work to break down organic waste.

Key Features

  • Biodegradable 
  • Non caustic
  • Non corrosive 
  • Non-toxic to humans, plants or animals
  • 100% organic and non GM
  • Suitable for organic farms  

How it Works

  • Naturally occurring bacteria create an optimal eco system – SlurryKing’s unique combination of 11 strains of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi is unbeaten in scientific trials
  • Liquefies slurry and reduces crust – injected into the liquid part of the slurry, the natural bacteria break up the solids in the tank to create a more uniform liquid
  • Odour reduced – by the ammonia-absorbing bacteria and by the natural decomposition of the heavier solids in which anaerobic (ammonia producing) bacteria thrive 
  • Improves the organic fertiliser value of slurry – by increasing the retention of naturally occurring nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen
  • Improves livestock environment – reduced ammonia improves animal welfare 

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money on slurry management – reduce manpower and operating costs of slurry management: the liquefied slurry is easier to stir and spread
  • Save money on artificial fertiliser – improved slurry fertiliser value and improved crop utilisation of slurry nitrogen reduces the need for artificial fertiliser
  • Reduce odour and flies – improves your working environment and reduces complaints
  • Improved feed conversion ratio – trials show that pigs in Slurry King treated houses require reduced feed for equal weight gain 
  • Quicker absorption of slurry into the ground – the liquid slurry runs off grass quicker and is absorbed more quickly into the ground, enabling you to return livestock to the field quicker often within a week
  • Best value – Unlike our competitors, we manufacture our own product, meaning we can offer best value.  Slurry King is 25-50% cheaper than competitor products.